Who « I » am ?


why callisto ? It’ was the name of my first Newfoundland

Aka Fréd and I am a WOMAN !

I love drawing just for fun or to Work and I always looking for new project !

My hobbies

  • Animals
  • Demoscene : Callisto (group : Gpo / Flush ^ Vital Motion) / Admin Shadow Party and Demoscene FR
  • And GAMES

My job

I am a graphic and multimedia designer at Gposarl.

My job is to renovate and repair pinball games, arcade machines, table football, darts, etc.

I use a lot of different and varied resources. 

And I have to recreate pieces that cannot be found while respecting the artist’s initial work.

It’s a job that fascinates me a lot.

ENJOY * – * and ask me if you need  :/D